Zebra River Stone

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This unique stone is round, smooth like river stone, and has pronounced white veins throughout. With a deep black color, the white veins really stand out. 

Most stones weigh around 5lb which I would consider medium.

One well-placed massive rock can make your aquascape really shine.

Shrimp Safe: Red Cherry Shrimp, Ghost/Glass Shrimp, Amano Shrimp, Rili Shrimp

Looks great in any African cichlid setup.

10lb package will include two medium (5lb) stones.

20lb package will include one large (10lb) and two medium (5lb) stones.

30lb package will include two large (10lb) stones and two medium (5lb) stones.

50lb package will include three large (10lb) stones and four medium (5lb) stones. 

You can always specify stone size preference in the notes at checkout. 

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