16" Manzanita Wood Randomly Selected Piece

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This is for a randomly selected piece of Manzanita from our shelf. Discounted price due to being randomly selected. Returns are not accepted on randomly selected pieces of manzanita. 

Manzanita is one of the most popular and sought after woods for aquarium use. In it's natural state, manzanita has a beautiful smooth red/orange bark with many twists and curves to its branches.  Besides being visually appealing, manzanita possesses many positive traits when it comes to being submerged in an aquarium. Branches sink quickly, usually with in 5 days. The wood is ph neutral and will not effect the water chemistry. If properly cleaned and cured, it will hold up over long periods of time under water. Manzanita is also resistant to leeching tannins into the water column, you will notice very little if any "tea colored " water.

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