Blue Petrified Wood Stone

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What Is Petrified Wood?
Petrified Wood is a sedimentary rock composed of mostly silicate minerals like quartz along with calcite, opal, and pyrite on occasion. It is commonly referred to as Fossil Wood or Petrified Stone because it is technically a fossilized version of some type of plant material. The word in itself literally translates to “wood turned to stone” in Latin. Fossil Wood can virtually take any shape the original plant was and be found all over the world. Petrified Wood is one of our absolute favorite stones to use in aquascaping. The exotic look bares a close resemblance to vivarium rocks like Dragon Stone and Strata Rock and makes a nice alternative when those stones aren’t available. Despite the lack of benefits this rock may offer compared to others, it is an inert stone great for all types of vivariums.