About us



We absolutely love aquascaping and everything related to it! We offer the highest quality hardscape materials for your aquascaping needs at reasonable prices. Our prices are competitive because we are an online store with no brick and mortar overhead. Our savings is your savings!
All of our hardscape materials have been gathered from around the world to help you create the aquascaping design of your dreams. We work with you one-on-one to understand your requirements and desires for your design needs.
Then we create the aquascape you desire – all at no cost to you. Just good customer service! Our manzanita wood and ghostwood are extremely popular. Check out all our current inventory in our wood catalog.

Our Beginnings...

Our business began when we were trying to design our own fresh water aquariums and found prices to be extraordinarily high for manzanita wood, aquarium stone, and other hardscape materials. We began by going to the source of these materials to find lower prices, but found that they only sell by buying large orders. After surveying many online aquarium groups, we found out that other people were having the same issue of finding high quality materials for reasonable prices. Thus began Houston Manzanita to fill this niche market!