Manzanita Wood

There are two types of manzanita that we sell, Northern Manzanita and Southern Manzanita. While both perfect for aquariums, Northern Manzanita does require some prep prior to adding to your tank.

Northern Manzanita is directly collected from the mountains of Northern California and will come with dirt/debris/lichens on it. We recommend soaking your manzanita piece 10-14 days to loosen up any debris. Once the dirt and debris is loosened, power wash your piece clean and remove any terrestrial moss still attached. Manzanita will darken over time while submerged. 

Southern Manzanita has already been powerwashed and requires no prep. Just rinse your piece off when you get it and it can be added directly to your aquarium. Please allow 3-7 days for it to water log and sink.