Gray Seiryu Stone

Seiryu, or Mini Landscape Aquarium Rock is the most desirable rocks for tropical aquariums and is perfect for use in aquascaping in planted aquariums.

These rocks were almost created for aquariums - their grooves, shapes and contours give the aquascaper so many choices, it can often be difficult to make up your mind which way looks best.

Colours vary from light grey to a darker grey
Minimal effect on pH and not noticeable in planted aquariums.

Small and easy to place
Gives immediate impact to any aquarium
Seiryu stone has become very popular with Iwagumi aquariums where the main focus is on the rocks and the plants complement the over all set up. 

If you have a particular size, shape or style in mind, feel free to leave notes in the comments section when checking out and the picking team will try to match it as closely as possible