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Any aquascaper wants his aquarium to look beautiful and interesting, while maintaining its natural environment. It is often not necessary to invent something new, but it is enough to add something that is often found in nature. One of these "highlights" for decoration can be aquarium stones. They perfectly complement the interior, and due to their unusual shape make the design unique in its kind. In nature, rocks in the water are a completely natural part of the habitat. Fish spawn in them, and sometimes they just hide from predators.

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When setting up an aquarium, there is a lot of thought and planning that goes in to it. What kind of filter do I need? What kind of lighting should I get? What kind of substrate? One of the biggest questions that needs to be answered and which will set your aquarium apart from others is, "How should I scape my tank?." Some people will go with artificial decor such as castles, pirate chest bubblers, neon gravel, and fake plants.   Some people will want to go with a more natural look. There is no right answer. You need to...

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