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The GhostWood is amazing. The character and color on each piece makes the tank pop! Everyone who comes by comments on how beautiful the wood looks. I am very happy with my purchase and recommend Houston Manzanita to anyone looking for hardscape.

Jim S.

I bought 3 pieces of Malaysian drift wood. They are huge and looks fantastic. I can't believe it was only $20, in a shop it would easily be priced at least double that. Awesome value, fast shipping. Always happy shopping with Houston Manzanita.

Josh C.

Wow, this stone is stunning. Ordered a 30lb package and it arrived quickly, within 3 days. The color on the stones were a dark black and many of them had white veins running through. They will be going into my 55g African cichlid tank. Just be sure to give a quick rinse off before adding to your tank.


This stuff is awesome for plecos who require a high protein diet. Easy to make and they gobble it up. Lasts for 2 weeks in the fridge and about 1 month of you freeze it. I use ice cube trays to store. Highly recommend for carnivorous plecos.

I ordered a 30lb package from Houston Manzanita. It arrived quickly and safely. There was 1 large stone and a good mix of medium and small. I really like the dark black coloring of the stone. I will definitely be ordering more.

Houston Manzanita Swag